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A Celebration of Life event will be held for Jim Moye on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Winter Park Community Center located at 721 W. New England Ave., Winter Park, Fl 32789.  The event will be catered by Sonny's Barbeque (Jim's favorite restaurant).  Please join in celebrating the life of this outstanding person with family and friends.

Memorial for Jim Moye

by Paul Shamoun | Aug 01, 2019


Jim Moye
President 1999-2000

It is with a heavy heart that we inform the membership of the passing of Past President Jim Moye.

Jim graduated from the University of Florida in 1973, earning his BSBA in Accounting in three years.  He began his professional career with the Florida Auditor General’s Office (7 years), was also employed by Coopers and Lybrand (1 year) and spent the next 33 years working for the Orange County Comptroller’s Office, most of those as Chief Deputy Comptroller.  Jim was also appointed Escambia County Comptroller by Governor Lawton Chiles in 1995 during a time of great turmoil and financial instability.  Jim’s leadership and expertise were invaluable in restoring the County’s financial stability amid extreme public scrutiny involving losses incurred due to derivative investments.

Jim was extremely passionate about the FGFOA and was an active member since 1981.  He served on numerous FGFOA committees, and was a frequent speaker and moderator at the annual conference and Central Florida Chapter.  Jim served as President in 2000 and received the prestigious FGFOA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.  He was a UCF adjunct professor of governmental accounting for many years, a teacher of our youth.  Jim also served on various FICPA committees and was the recipient of the 2006 FICPA Outstanding CPA in Government Award.  Jim was a CPA, CGFO, CPFO and CGMA.

Jim had a reputation for strong ethics and transparency, and was an outstanding leader and role model.  He was a tremendous resource who would always offer his assistance and expertise whenever asked.  Jim was a hardworking, dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and loyal public servant.  He was a very down to earth person who believed that no job was beneath him (he would deliver the mail whenever the mail courier and back up mail courier were both unavailable).  Jim had a good sense of humor (he dressed up for the office Halloween party as a cow, a bumble bee, a sheriff and a farmer), was very considerate and compassionate toward others (he had his head shaved in the County Commission Chambers to assist in increasing blood donations), and was an avid practical joker.  He had several interests including spending time with his family, fishing, baseball, golf and driving his “street rod”.  Jim had a passion for animals as he and his wife Charlotte adopted three greyhound rescues over the years.

Jim is survived by his wife Charlotte (married 46 years), his son Jim, Jr., his daughter Christy, his grandson Trent, his granddaughter Sloan, his daughter-in-law Kelly and his son-in law Ryan. 



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  1. Ethan Lee | Aug 23, 2019
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  2. Robust Posts | Aug 22, 2019
  3. Deborah Girard | Aug 19, 2019
    Jim was a dear friend and confidant.  I observed his strength, ethics, and determination while serving on the board, and actually, Jim was the one who asked me to run for FGFOA President.  I would not have done so without his encouragement.  At his Celebration of Life this past weekend, the Pastor talked about the dash between your birth date and passing.  Jim’s dash leaves quite a legacy for which his family can be proud.  I will miss Jim dearly and believe that he is in a much better place.
  4. Thurman Barrow | Aug 17, 2019
    I had the distinct privilege of working as a fellow member of the FLORIDA AUDITOR GENERAL'S office before he left to serve - with great integrity- other agencies.  I send my most sincere condolences to each and all of his family. Thurman Barrow \ August 17,2019.
  5. Jolonda Bell | Aug 17, 2019
    To me Jim was all those comments that everyone else said and more. But the thing that I most respected about Jim was that he made everyone feel as though they were on his level he made the little people feel important I was proud to say I worked for Jim Moye he was one of a kind and I will miss the simple man. Get it Jim another country song just like you would quote all the time. God bless you to his wife for being his back bone and his care taker and to his family I pray for you all. RiP friend. 
  6. Karen (Holder) Naser | Aug 17, 2019

    Everything everyone has written I experienced with Jim so I'll tell you more about the  last two pictures.

    I was the Blood Bank coordinator for the Comptroller's Office and we were low on donations. Jim proposed a deal. I would shave his head IF we collected 4 gals of blood at the next donation. Word got out and we collected just over 4 gallons.  After the head shaving ceremony,  he refused to have it shaped up by his barber.  His joke was " he looked like an ex-con lookin for a job".

    He was the most influential person in my life and I am gratiful to have worked with him.

    Charlotte and family, I am so sorry for your loss.  He was and remains a great man.

  7. Christie Willis | Aug 15, 2019

    Wow!  How can this “larger than life” character truly be gone?  I will admit when I first began working for the Orange County Comptroller’s office, I was intimidated by Jim and those suits (and of course the bow tie!).  But, I quickly realized that he just wanted what was best for the office and I respected him for that. 

    I admired him so much!  I have read through the comments here and they all say essentially the same thing.  Jim was honest, trustworthy, fair, and incredibly funny.  Many have spoken about his literary genius.  His stories of the girls were hilarious and I couldn’t get enough.

    I hope his family knows how much he will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to meet him; I would imagine that it would bring comfort.  May he rest in eternal peace.

  8. Kent Olson | Aug 14, 2019
    I am grateful to Jim for selecting me to serve as the Legislative Committee Chair during his year as President.  Jim was very generous with his time, always willing to provide counsel to anyone who asked.  Jim was a tremendous leader for the FGFOA and the Orange County Comptroller's Office and will be sorely missed.
  9. Kim Amellin | Aug 13, 2019

    It's times like these that I wish I was better at putting my feelings into words.  During my time working with Jim at the Comptroller's Office - he was the voice of reason for me on many occasions!  I am so happy that our working relationship developed into a friendship.  Whether sharing a few minutes during a hectic day with him so that he could show me some photographs that he had taken or to hear a recent story about the antics of "the girls" (which is how he referred to his two adopted greyhounds).  Some of you may not know that Jim was quite the writer and storyteller!  He would frequently share the most entertaining stories with us on our Comptroller employee website.  I hope Jim won't mind if I share the following snippet from an update that Jim had sent to us at the Comptroller's Office a while after he had retired which is such a perfect example of his wit and humor:

    "And the girls, the red headed sisters, well they are crazier than ever.  Here they are seven years old and acting like two year olds.  Sniff each other’s butt all the time. Yep that’s still your sister missy, she hasn’t changed a bit.  I think I’ll put name tags on their butts.  “My name is Bobby Jo”.  And “My name is Betty Lou”.  Oh, I forgot you girls can’t read yet.  To you it says “Blah Blah Blah”.  School didn’t help you a bit.  Oh I see, you only pay attention at recess.  Well they don’t offer that any more in school.  What?  But you want play chase my sister and steal her toy.  I want my money back. "

    I miss you my friend. 

  10. Bob Inzer | Aug 12, 2019
    Jim, came on the FGFOA Board after me and unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure to serve with him.  We did however overlap in our commitment to the organization and in our efforts to insure that all Finance Officers had the training and educational opportunities they needed to be successful.  Jim was known for his integrity and standing up for the values he espoused and lived.  He set an example for all of us to follow.  He will be missed but his legacy will be with us for a long time.
  11. Hal Flomerfelt | Aug 09, 2019
    I always had fond memories of Jim thru the 30 years that I worked for the Comptrollers Office.   He was fair, considerate, compassionate and always understanding.  He always had time for a good word to make you feel better. He was a remarkable man and a pleasure to work under.  He will be missed by many.  My prayers and sympathy go out to his family. 
  12. Glenda Israelson | Aug 09, 2019

    It was such an honor to work and get to know Jim. He was always cordial and showed appreciation for his employees.  I miss his story telling and use to look so forwad to reading his newest in our news letters.  My favorite was always the ones of Ms. Turtle and the squirrel from his walks with his beloved dogs.  Jim will be missed by so many. Prayers to his family.


  13. Joy Overend | Aug 09, 2019
    I always loved to read the articles Jim posted in our newsletter, he was a wonderful story teller!  He was always willing to give advice, or lend a hand.  We joked because we had matching cars.  He heard me say one day that I would need pay the dealer to turn off the "wrench" that was driving me crazy.  He came back later on with the instructions to do it yourself....and, of course, it worked.  I'm so very happy and lucky to have worked with him.  He has a whole new audience for his colorful stories now.
  14. John Grady | Aug 08, 2019
    I am very thankful to have known Jim.  I was fortunate to meet him early in my career working with Orange County as a Fiscal Analyst.  Jim was generous with his time, always available to share his knowledge and experience and most importantly, Jim treated everyone with respect and kindness.  Jim was certainly influential in my career working in the Public Sector and when I asked he offered me advice over the years that have benefited me personally and professionally.  I will miss Jim and I will remember him fondly as a very genuine person.
  15. Marlene Peña | Aug 08, 2019
    Jim Moye was a truly a great men.  With all respected and I will always remember Jim for his integrity, compassionate and fun to be around him.. He will be truly missed by all of us.  My sincere sympathy to the family and friends. Rest in peace.  
  16. April Aldridge | Aug 08, 2019
    Jim Moye was an icon for the Orange County Comptroller's office, and in many ways he still is.  People knew where they stood with Mr. Moye.  He was fair, honest, and always fighting for the taxpayer.  He also fought for his employees.  I had the pleasure of working for Mr. Moye for over ten years.  He was a strong voice of reason when the Procurement Card was implemented in Orange County Government.  He was supportive when he needed to be and unyielding when he had to be.   People that had the pleasure of working with Mr. Moye knew of his integrity and his kind heart.  He was a great man and will be truly missed! Condolences to his family.
  17. Ann Blakeslee | Aug 07, 2019

    I am part of the crowd that is thankful that Jim Moye was in my life.  He was truly one of my mentors.  He encouraged me, listened to me and advised me (a lot)..I still have his phone number memorized.  We have lost one great guy but we have to be thankful that he has left behind many that he has influenced over the years.

    Miss you Jim!!

  18. Jamie Roberson | Aug 07, 2019
    My heart aches for Jim's family and my prayers are with all.  When this email came across, I broke down in tears.  Jim made a significant impact on many of us as FGFOA members with his commitment and dedication to Florida Government Finance Officers.  I truly enjoyed my time working with him through the State and Local FGFOA Chapters.  He will never be forgotten.  
  19. Barbara Solis | Aug 06, 2019

    Jim was a very nice person who had a great sense of humor. There were times when you didn’t know if he was kidding or not because of his smile. He will truly be missed.



  20. Kelly Goodwin Metcalf | Aug 06, 2019

    Jim was the first person to call and congratulate me when I was promoted to Finance Director at the Orange County Clerk of Court in 1994.  He told me that if I ever needed anything that he was just a phone call away.  I knew then that I could always count on Jim to be there when I needed him and he was.  He was an amazing man. He didn't always see eye to eye with some, but you always knew where he stood.  He was the BEST mentor to me and I will always be grateful to him for my successful 35 year career in government Finance.  I pray that his family and friends find peace that he was loved by all and will be greatly missed.    

    Rest in Peace my friend!

  21. Eric Gassman | Aug 05, 2019
    I met Jim in 1992 when I started working for the Comptroller’s Office.  While a lot of things changed throughout the years, Jim’s integrity, work ethic and professionalism always stayed the same.  I feel honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work closely with Jim on many high-profile projects.  Jim was a mentor, colleague and friend to many and he will be sorely missed.  His legacy, however, will live on as he defined what it means to be a public servant.  Rest in Peace my friend.
  22. Diane Reichard | Aug 05, 2019


     Please accept my condolences to you and your family.  When I first got involved with FGFOA, he was on the Board of Directors and soon to be the President of the organization.  He was always a quiet man that got things done.  You always knew that he would make decisions in the best interest of FGFOA and the County he served.  He could be trusted and served faithfully for many years.  His legacy will live on in our hearts.  I know you took good care of him during his illness and I trust God will give you grace during these difficult times.  Diane Richard, Past President, CFO for City of Plant City


  23. Hubie Jacques | Aug 04, 2019
    This is an easy piece to write about Jim's professional career.  I first met Jim when he was with the AG and auditing in my department at FTU.  I was a student assistant and helped prepare something in the annual financial reports I can't remember now.  He found a mistake I made and asked me about it.  After blood returned to my face, Jim just grinned to a point just below laughter and handled the whole thing with grace.  What a guy!  Then he and the rest of the Orange County Comptroller's team hired me in 1986 and again in 1996.  I learned more about ethics, integrity, honesty, respect, and business relationships from him than anyone else.  I spent the best 15 years of my career working with him.  It's a harder piece to write about him personally.  I became closer with Jim after I retired and he got sick.  Over the last years, Charlotte would call when she and Jimmy were in Gainesville for one test, procedure or another.  We would have lunch if he was able.  The girls would talk and I would talk with Jimmy.  A couple of months ago when it was clearly difficult for Jim and Charlotte to travel, they came some distance to my wife's Celebration of Life. I was honored by his kindness in the face of his own adversity.  I saw them a couple of times after that.  Not too long ago, lunching at one of his favorite Winter Park joints, we were swapping stories and Jimmy belted out a long, hearty, loud laugh that filled the room.  I was glad to be there, especially at that moment.  He was my friend, my neighbor, my mentor.  I love and miss this man. 
  24. Margie Simmons | Aug 04, 2019
    Jim was a true professional in every way. I served with Jim on the FGFOA Board of Directors and he was instrumental in leading the organization through many difficult decisions. He was a good friend, and encouraged others to develop themselves both professionally and personally. He will be missed, but will be remembered as a wonderful person. 
  25. Ray | Aug 03, 2019
    Jim Moye, a good man. His passing is a loss for family, friends and community. We honor and respect the life he lived. Rest In Peace 
  26. Rick Helms | Aug 03, 2019
    It is difficult to express what the passing of Jim Moye means to all that know him whether on a personal or professional level. The loss of an honest, dedicated and consummate government finance professional will have a significant impact on the FGFOA. He will be missed in so many ways by all of us that interacted with him as a fellow FGFOA professional. You have left us but will live on in the wonderful memories we have of you.
  27. Ransom Smith | Aug 03, 2019

    Jim was a man of integrity and class. He was praised by Scott Maxwell in his column in the Orlando Sentinel. He made everyone around  him better and had a positive influence in      government. I worked with Jim at the Auditor  General’s office

  28. Paul Wunderlich | Aug 03, 2019

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; min-height: 14.0px} This has been a very sad week for me upon hearing of Jim’s passing.  He had been fighting his health issues with the same passion and determination that he brought to all other aspects of his life.  I first met Jim over 30 years ago when as the new chair of an FGFOA Committee, he invited me to be a member.  Little did I know that a number of years later he would be involved in bringing me in to work in the Orange County Comptroller’s Office.  I quickly learned that he had an expert knowledge of county government operations, but more importantly a desire to serve openly and honestly in his relationships with the Comptroller’s work team, other governmental organizations, outside firms, and the general public.  At that point, I knew that I never wanted to leave.  As mentioned by others in this memorial, he was a great mentor that you would never want to let down due to his trust that there was always a way to get things done right.  His biggest priority was to look out for County taxpayers.  One unusual time, he was dealing with a homeowner who insisted that the County should pay to mow the grass in the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the curb of his lot.  After much badgering back and forth, Jim loaded his own mower in his car one Saturday and went to the man’s house and mowed it himself, cheerfully of course.  After doing that a couple of more times, the homeowner decided he should start doing it himself.  This servant mindset was always evident in Jim, regardless of the subject matter.

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} I will miss Jim greatly, and I offer my condolences to his wife Charlotte and her family members.  I pray that they will be comforted knowing that his life’s legacy will be one of dedicated servant leadership that has had and will continue to have a positive effect on untold numbers of people.

  29. Bing Domingo | Aug 03, 2019
    I would always remember Jim as the steady rock at the Comptroller's Office. He was fair and compassionate to everyone around him. I learned a lot from Jim in the 19 years I worked in accounting support for the Comptroller's own financial function. He was a great boss. I can't help but reminisce the times that Jim went fishing with Barry and I. There was a time when Jim caught an oversize redfish. When he brought it in the boat, he admired it for a while and let it go to swim away. There was another time when Jim brought a few floats that rattled. He placed one on his line and gave me one. As we were fishing, Jim quipped, you know what Charlotte asked me when I showed her these? No, what did she say? "Is that their dinner bell?" Good one Charlotte. It was funnier how Jim said it. And that is also one of Jim's attributes, he knows how to say things without intimidating or upsetting anyone in the office. My prayers for Charlotte and all of Jim's family. Rest in Peace Jim and thanks for everything.
  30. James Dwyer | Aug 03, 2019
    It is with deep sorrow that my wife and I mourn the passing of Jim Moye, a great friend for the past 46 years.  All who came into contact with Jim during his professional career with the Auditor General’s Office, Coopers and Lybrand, and the Orange County Comptroller’s Office appreciated the competency, integrity and leadership that he unfailingly demonstrated.  Having worked with Jim at the beginning of his career and maintaining a friendship with he and Charlotte ever since, it is the opportunity to call him my friend that I treasure the most.  Jim was in our wedding party when Pamm and I married in 1980 and for many years we enjoyed competing together on tennis courts, golf courses, and softball fields, as well as participating in road rallies.  To each of these, Jim brought the same dedication, passion and humor that characterized his approach to everything in life.  Our hearts go out to Charlotte and all of his family at this time of grief.  We will miss you, Jim.
  31. Joan Randolph | Aug 02, 2019

    A sad day for everyone who new Jim. I've known him for over 32 years and had the privilege to work for him for many of those years. He was so easy to work for, it was incredible. I truly enjoyed our working relationship. His tutelage, support and intelligence helped my progress immensely in the Comptroller's Administration Office. My go to guy. He was respected for his strong leadership, professionalism and dedication. If you needed honest answers to your questions, call Jim, he was always there to help. He had a great sense of humor also.  This good man will be missed by so many of us whose lives he has touched. To Charlotte, Jim, Jr, and Christie, I wish you peace, and hope that as you read these beautiful tributes from time to time, it will put a smile on your faces that re-enforces the great man your husband and dad was. 



  32. Jeffrey Kern | Aug 02, 2019
    This is a very sad day for all of us who knew and respected Jim for his service to local governments and FGFOA.  I was fortunate to get to know Jim over the years, first meeting at an Annual FGFOA Conference in 1986 and he was a mentor to me in many ways as I started my career.  Jim seemed to be in every session that I ever spoke over the years, in the back row normally, but it made me especially focused, on my toes, because he was always going to ask me a question that was relevant to what I was speaking on.  He was passionate about always doing the right thing and being a consummate professional.  Jim, rest in peace.
  33. Mary-Lou Pickles | Aug 02, 2019
    In my eyes, Jim exemplified what it takes to be a person of great character – his honesty and integrity always came shining through. For many years to come, I will smile when I think about Jim’s unique sense of humor and the rhetorical question he jokingly asked me (and my FGFOA sister) regarding our last names. Jim was a great friend to so many and a true finance professional. He will be sorely missed.
  34. Sharon Donoghue | Aug 02, 2019
    I have known Jim Moye for over 30 years.  Although we worked for different elected officials and sometimes had to agree to disagree, he was calm and thoughtful and always had the best interests of the citizens in mind as we worked through issues.  I appreciate the time we spent talking over the years about our lives and families and I am forever grateful for the sound advice he gave me on personal finance, my career, as well as major county issues.  We served on numerous teams together and Jim was always well prepared for every discussion and could be counted on for accurate and thorough recommendations.  He was a genuinely nice guy and he will be missed.  I hope all these words and tribute messages already written and those to come will bring some comfort to his family - he was a good man who impacted the lives of many and leaves a great legacy of excellent public service. 
  35. Jeff Smith | Aug 02, 2019
    The thing that struck me the most about Jim was his savvy and his dedication to the profession.  His sense of humor made even the worse situation tolerable.  I was fairly new to the government arena when he was asked to assume responsibility in Escambia County even though he had a job at Orange County Comptroller's Office.  He did it with grace and responded to the need.  As for me that is his legacy.
  36. Penny Mitchell, FGFOA Executive Assistant 2004-2017 | Aug 02, 2019
    I always enjoyed working with Jim through FGFOA. He was a dedicated volunteer for FGFOA, always ready to help in any capacity. A wonderful sense of humor and a kind smile. A true gentleman who will be greatly missed. 
  37. George McGowan | Aug 02, 2019

    Jim was a wonderful friend and role model for me. He was the consummate public servant / leader and I was always happy to pay my Orange County taxes because I knew he was stewarding them. Some of you may know that Jim and I played (not a teammates, but as opponents) adult baseball. He loved the game and gave it his all out there, playing all over the field, just as I did. It was always fun facing him across the field. Thankfully, I was fortunate to see Jim a few times (always at Sonnys BBQ) as he fought his illness and he did so with great grace. His wonderful wife Charlotte taught my kids in elementary school and we all loved her commitment to their learning and growth. The Moyes were and still are an important part of Orange County and Winter Park. I will miss Jim and I wish the best for Charlotte and the family. 

    George McGowan
    FGFOA Past President
    Audit Director
    City of Orlando

  38. Patty Yoder | Aug 02, 2019

    I never knew Jim, but I'm positive he would have made a great mentor. My deepest sympathies go out to those who knew him and are suffering from this loss. May God Bless and keep you

    Kindest regards 

  39. G Michael “Mickey” Miller | Aug 02, 2019

    For over 20 years, he and I were frequently placed in a position to negotiate, on behalf of our governments, as opponents.  It was never personal, he was a honorable man who approached the task with integrity and professionalism.  

    G Michael “Mickey” Miller, Retired CFO - City of Orlando

  40. Rob Garner | Aug 02, 2019
    I’ve known Jim for many years at many different levels:  Our kids went to the same school,  our wives taught at the same school, through city/county business and through the FGFOA.  Through it all Jim was always a thoughtful strong willed (stubborn) leader with strong beliefs he always followed.  We would always tease him about his conservative dress; on casual Friday’s he would dress down to a blazer and a tie even in the middle of summer He was a good guy and we will miss him
  41. Merv Timberlake | Aug 02, 2019

    Jim was a powerful leader.  At his first board meeting  after years of discussions and gripes,  Jim led the board to make two major decisions which impacted the FGFOA forever:  First, FGFOA gave notice to the Florida Association of City Clerks that FGFOA would no longer hold joint conferences and schools with their association..   By the end of his year, the separation had taken place.      

    Second, FGFOA entered in a contract with the Florida League of Cities to provide administrative and meeting planning services.   The association of the The Florida League of Cities opened many opportunities for our organization.   This began a partnership that has enhanced the FGFOA for 20 years and continues today and in the future.   Jim's year as President was remarkable and set the tone for future Presidents to follow.   When I was President two years after him,  I could always count on his advice and mentoring.   We will miss him.  

    Merv Timberlake

  42. Mark Fostier | Aug 02, 2019
    It is extremely difficult for me to express what Jim meant to me but I will try. The three words that best described Jim are honest, trustworthy and fair.  I have known Jim for over 42 years and found him to be the consummate professional with the highest ethical standards.  He was a model public servant and served as an exemplary role model for all government finance officers. I had the privilege of working very closely with Jim for over 35 years.  My only regret is that I wished more people could have had the same opportunity that I did.  He was my mentor and role model and always had my back.  Jim set the bar high in terms of dedication, loyalty and leadership.  His attention to detail was second to none.  He always welcomed and sought out my opinion on important issues which was very much appreciated.  Jim always had confidence in my abilities especially during the early part of my career.  Whenever a difficult challenge arose, Jim was always the first line of defense and accepted full responsibility for his staff (he never blamed anyone).  Jim was instrumental in developing and mentoring the outstanding team of the Orange County Comptroller’s Office.  He never abused the power of his position and was always compassionate and respectful to others.  Jim was friendly to everyone (especially the custodial staff) and would bring Will (the homeless man who hung around our building) to our Office holiday party. On a more personal note, Jim was my best friend.  We spent many hours playing various sports (softball, golf, racquetball), going fishing (although Jim did most of the fishing while I either was eating or sleeping in his boat) and playing cards (his favorite game was Indian poker).   He had a great sense of humor and we often played practical jokes on each other.  Whenever I needed anything, Jim was always there for me. Jim was diagnosed with acute leukemia two months before he was to retire.  While he never had the opportunity to enjoy his retirement, he always had a positive attitude and outlook in his battle with cancer.  He never felt sorry for himself and battled to the very end and for that I am extremely grateful.  He leaves behind a wonderful wife and family and his wife Charlotte was an unbelievable caregiver – thank you Charlotte.  Jim’s legacy will live on in the many lives that he touched as I know he had a major impact on my life.  He was one in a million and I will miss him dearly.
  43. Jeannie Garner | Aug 02, 2019
    “I  always respected and will remember Jim for his integrity. His word and actions were the same. I also appreciated his love and support of the FGFOA. He could be counted on for giving his time, mentorship and supporting his employees throughout the years to contribute in meaningful ways. He will be missed, but his impact will be treasured forever.”  Jeannie Garner FGFOA Executive Director Emeritus 
  44. Sarah Koser | Aug 02, 2019
    Jim Moye was the type of person that was always there to help people out.   I first heard of Jim when he was appointed to fill in temporarily for Escambia County.  It was impressive that he would take a leave of absence from his position at the Orange County Comptroller’s Office to help another County.  But that was Jim’s demeanor.  He always wanted to help out however and wherever he could.  His service to Orange County, to FGFOA, and to his fellow finance officers was of the finest caliber.    He was always an encouragement to the “new kids” on the block.  Once at an FGFOA conference, I was a speaker on investments.  I was relatively new to speaking and was very nervous.  Afterward, Jim made it a point to search me out and tell me I had done a good job.  He was always quick to notice when someone needed a word of encouragement and in his quiet way, he made us all feel needed and respected.     Jim was a great finance officer and a great friend.  He will be deeply missed by all of us.

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