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The FGFOA has established five new List Serve’s to allow the membership to communicate on important issues.

What are List Serves? List Serves are email based communication where you become a member. As a member, you can ask the other members of the List Serve a question by sending an e-mail to that List Serve email address. Members of the List Serve can choose to get the emails as they are sent or get them all at once at some scheduled time. You will receive all emails sent to that List Serve address. You can unsubscribe at any time. There are five List Serves. You can sign up for one or all of them, depending on your interest.

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List Serve Categories Guidelines
(topics are sample only - other topics may be posted)
Accounting and Auditing

Accounting methods


CAFR Preparation

Capital Assets

Financial Reporting

Fund balance


Internal Controls

State of Florida Policies and Regulations
Budget Preparation
Budget Types
Capital Improvement Program
Fiscal Policies - Best Practices
GFOA Budget Award
Long Range Planning
Performance Measurements
Revenue Analysis
Revenue Forecasting 
Debt and Treasury Management


Bond Insurance

Bond Issuance

Bond Proceeds

Bond Sale


Capital Financing

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Management


Credit Assistance


Debt Structuring and Financing methods


FDIC Insurance

Financial Advisors

Investment Advisors



Lines of Credit

Rating Agencies


Secondary Market disclosure


Financial Administration
Contract maintenance

Deferred Compensation Plans

Disaster Recovery

Grants Administration

Health Care Plans

Information Systems – Software

Management Principals



Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation Plans

Risk Management
Personnel and Payroll

Deferred Compensation Plans

Fringe Benefits - Taxable and nontaxable

Health Care Plans

Other Post Employment Benefits


Retirement Plans

Sick and Vacation Time


W-2 Reporting

Wage and Hour Law
To join, simply send an email to the following: *NEW*

Your registration will require verification of FGFOA membership and approval. You will receive notification once you have been approved for the List Serve and are subscribed.

Once you are subscribed, you can send an email to the list at:

You can also visit the website directly at: and register, go to Online List Archives and sign up for new password. You can then manage your List Serve account, unsubscribe and view archive postings.

· You must be a member of the FGFOA to sign up for the List Serve (membership will be verified before acceptance).
· The postings will be reviewed and approved prior to submission to the entire List Serve to ensure integrity of the List Serv.
· The Technical Resources Committee and the FGFOA Board of Directors will be participating in the List Serve to make sure that questions are responded to.

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s please contact Jeff Blomeley.