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Webinar Attendance Monitoring Procedures
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2020 - 2021 Webinar Schedule

 10/15/2020  Impact of COVID-19 (Pandemic) on Financial Reporting
 11/12/2020   Best Practices for Remote Working in a Government Environment
 11/19/2020  Economic Update
 12/17/2020  State of Florida – Revenue Department Update
 01/21/2021  Budget - How to Develop a Long-Range Financial Plan
 01/28/2021  Redefining Leadership for 2021
 02/18/2021  Procurement Card Best Practices
 02/25/2021  Dealing with Difficult Employees/Having Difficult Conversations
 03/18/2021  Accounting for Leases (GASB 87) Delayed until June 15, 2021
 03/25/2021  Paperless Office: Opportunities and Challenges
 04/15/2021  How to Develop an Asset Management Policy
 04/22/2021  Communication throughout the Organization – Building Relationships with Diverse   Departments
 05/20/2021  Accepting Credit Card Payments: What Governments should know about Vendor   Services, Fees, and Risks
 06/17/2021  Pensions: Long Term Investment Trends and Impact on Budget
 06/24/2021  Automating Accounts Payable
 07/15/2021  Best Practices in Grants Administration
 07/22/2021  Wage & Hour Law Updates
 08/19/2021  Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Investing
 08/26/2021  Bridging the Intergenerational Gap
 09/16/2021  Banking Fraud Protection/Cyber Security
 09/23/2021  Payroll Taxes 101

Next Webinar

September 17, 2020  Disaster Recovery/Having a Continuity of Operations Plan (TB)
Presentation 1, Presentation 2

Speakers :  Ed McCrane, Emergency Management Chief, Sarasota County and Frank Russo, Founder/Principal, Proctor Solutions & Consulting

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Past Webinar Presentations

Past Webinars

August 20, 2020 
GASB 84 - Fiduciary Activities, getting ready and using the implementation guide (TB)

Daniel Anderson, CPA - Director with Mauldin & Jenkins

July 16, 2020    CARES Act Funding (TB)
Kody Glazer, Legal Director, The Florida Housing Coalition and Susan Pourciau, Technical Advisor for the Florida Housing Coalition. 

June 18, 2020     Florida public records and the Sunshine law (TB)

Tim Few, Records Management Analyst, Bureau of Archive and Records Management, Department of State and Stephanie Boggs, Records Management Analyst, Bureau of Archive and Records Management, Department of State

May 21, 2020     Budget Preparation and Communicating Budget to Constitutional Officers
Speaker: Diane Reichard, Chief Financial Officer, Plant City

April 16, 2020    Understanding the Property Tax Assessment Process in Florida 
Speaker: Tim Wilmath, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's Office

April 9, 2020     Special Families First Coronavirus Response Act  
Speaker: Robert Larkin, Allen Norton & Blue, P.A. 

February 20, 2020      Strategies for Managing Healthcare Costs 
Speaker: Anna Maria Studley, Director, Client Development

January 16, 2020     Best Practices for Internal Control in an IT Environment No Questions 
Speaker: Michael Sandstrum, Senior IT Risk Assurance Manager, Purvis, Gray & Company

December 19, 2019    Preparing for an ERP Implementation 

Speaker: Sharhonda M. Rush, CPA, Controller, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

November 21, 2019     ADA Compliance Accessibility of Documents on Local Government Websites 

Speaker: Don Torrez and Nancy Hahlbeck, Certified Accessibility Coordinators, CivicPlus

October 17, 2019     457(B) Deferred Compensation Plans Fiduciary Responsibility 

Speaker: Frank Wan, Senior Vice President Burgess Chambers & Associates, Inc.  

September 19, 2019     XBRL (HB 1073)

Speakers: Michelle Savage, VP, Communication, XBRL US and Shannon N. Sohl, Ph.D., CPA, Senior Research Associate at Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies

August 15, 2019     Retirement Benefits GASB & Reporting

Speakers: Barbara Boyd, CPA, Partner and Ryan Tucker, CPA, Partner, Purvis Gray & Company

July 25, 2019     Legislative Review

Speaker: Amber Hughes, Sr. Legislative Advocate, Florida League of Cities

May 16, 2019     Economic Update
Speakers: Kyle Jones, Managing Director and Hank Fishkind, Ph.D., Director, PFM Asset Management LLC

April 18, 2019     
Fraud, Automated Controls, and Cybersecurity Risks and Responses
Speakers: Andrew Laflin, CPA, and Randy Romes, CISSP, CRISC, MPC, PCI-QSA

April 4, 2019     
Developing A Better Budget Process
Speakers: Will Payne, Performance & Budget Manager, and Tyler Thompson, Management Analyst III, City of Largo

February 21, 2019     
Procurement Card Best Practices

Speaker: Megan Gaillard, Director of Audit, Palm Beach County Office of Inspector General 

December 20, 2018     Ethics, Public Records & the Sunshine Law

Speaker: Chevelle D. Nubin, Village Clerk, MMC, Village of Wellington

August 16, 2018
     Cost Allocation Plans
Speakers: Troy Tangen, Vice President, Financial Services, Maximus and Michael D. Perry, CGFO, Budget Officer, City of Tampa

July 19, 2018
     GASB Statements No. 87, Leases
Speaker: Brian W. Caputo, Ph.D., C.P.A, Vice President for Administrative Affairs & CFO, College of DuPage and Board Member, Governmental Accounting Standards Board

April 19, 2018     Economic Update
Speaker: David Jang, Water Walker Investments

February 15, 2018     Adapting to a Multi-Generational Workforce
Speaker: Scott Paine, PhD, Director, Leadership Development and Education, Florida League of Cities

January 18, 2018     Accounting for Capital Assets/GASB 34
Speaker: Joel Knopp, CPA, Chareholder

December 14, 2017     Grants - Uniform Guidance/Tracking & Reporting
Speakers: Marc Grace, CPA, Partner and Stephen Emery, CPA, Manager

September 21, 2017     Records Management Basics
Speakers: Gregory J. Cowan, Senior Management Analyst, Justice Administrative Commission and Sandra Tuller, Clerks Records Management Manager, Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller, PInellas County

August 17, 2017     Fiduciary Considerations for Governmental Retirement Plans
Speaker: Frank Wan, Senior Vice President, Burgess Chambers & Associates, Inc.

July 20, 2017     Basic Government Resource Manual
Speakers: Eduardo Castaneda, Moore Stephens and Lovelace and Melissa Burns, Chair of Technical Resource Committee

May 16, 2017     Legislative Update
Speakers: Amber Hughes, Sr. Legislative Advocate, Florida League of Cities and Laura Youmans, Associate Director of Public Policy, Florida Association of Counties

April 20, 2017     Building a Better Budget Document
Speaker: John Fishbein, Senior Program Manager, GFOA

February 16, 2017     Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) & Healthcare Reform Update/Wellness Initiatives in the Workplace
Speakers: David Cruz, Assistant General Counsel and Clay Austin, Assistant Director of Trust Services, Florida League of Cities

January 19, 2017     
Cloud Computing
Speakers: John Christly, Chief Information Security Officer, Netsurion and EventTracker, and William Blend, CPA, CFE, Moore Stephens and Lovelace