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COVID-19 Update

We understand COVID-19 is a major concern for our membership. We hope these resources will help you.

Continuous updates are available from the Florida League of Cities and the National Government Finance Officers Association.

CGFO Renewal Steps

It’s time for CGFO Renewals!  This year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that has changed the way we conduct business, the FGFOA Executive Board has elected to extend the CPE requirements until for CGFO’s to December 31, 2020.

Here are you 2020 CGFO Certification Renewal Steps:

Pay Renewal Fee:

  1. Log onto your FGFOA account HERE. Click on the Events tab to pay the $40.00 re-certification fee. 

(Note: If you pay the fee after June 30, 2020 there is a $25.00 late fee added)

CPE Credits:

For your two-year renewal period you must have a total of 80 CPE credit hours.  Please click HERE if you need information regarding the types of CPE hours needed.

Be sure to Log Into your FGFOA account and enter any CPE credits that are not sponsored by the FGFOA. (Local Chapter and outside organization credits will not reflect in our system unless you enter them manually)


To satisfy the Ethics portion of your CGFO renewal you can:

Click HERE to take the Online Ethics Exam

(If you do not pass the exam, please let me know and I can send another link to take it again)

Or, if you attend an Ethics session that is not sponsored by FGFOA, please make sure to forward the certificate that you receive along to Karen Pastula at to be certain that it is a course that can be used for your CGFO renewal.

Are you receiving emails from FGFOA?

FGFOA mainly uses email to communicate with its members. We like to keep you in-the-loop about all of our activities. If you’re not receiving our messages, that’s likely because your email address’s settings are not “friendly” to receiving messages from us. Click here for more information.




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