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The 2023 FGFOA School of Governmental Finance is taking place at the Luminary Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida, October 14 - 20, 2023.

The School of Governmental Finance offers educational opportunities for everyone from the new finance professional to the seasoned finance professional.

The School offers educational sessions for the entire week. There are two segments offered. 

Basic/Intermediate: 2-1/2 days beginning Monday morning and ending Wednesday at noon. The Basic/Intermediate courses are tailored for all financial support staff and for the staff person just beginning a career in governmental finance. In these sessions, participants will be exposed to an in-depth study and analysis of basic governmental finance concepts and principles. These sessions are also informative for anyone wishing to further expand their area of expertise, or just reacquaint themselves with the fundamentals of governmental finance. In other words, they provide a great refresher course!

Intermediate/Advanced: 2 days beginning Wednesday afternoon and ending Friday at noon. The Intermediate/Advanced courses are tailored for seasoned finance professionals looking for information on current more-complex issues.

There are also networking opportunities such as our First Time Attendee Orientation, Welcome Reception, and our Hospitality Suite!

We look forward to seeing you in October at the Luminary Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida!


Future Dates:

SOGF 2023
Luminary Hotel, Ft. Myers
October 14-20, 2023

SOGF 2024
Renaissance World Golf Village, St. Augustine
October 18-25, 2024

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