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  • CLICK HERE to watch member testimonials put together by our Past President, Shannon Ramsey-Chessman.

  • The 2022 Annual Conference was a huge success. Thank you to all who attended and to the 130 exhibitors.

  • The planning for the 2022 School of Governmental Finance is well underway.  Please make plans to attend at the Luminary Hotel in Ft. Myers, October 17-21.  We will be announcing the registration in late July or early August.  

  • IT'S RENEWAL TIME!! The fiscal year for FGFOA runs 07/01 through 06/30 each year. CLICK HERE to log into your member portal. You'll verify your contact information and then you can pay by credit card, pcard, or can print your invoice to pay by check. 

       Government Finance Professionals Week 

      Government Finance Professionals Week was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the whole week of March 14-18, 2022. CLICK HERE to see the pictures, proclamations and even a video!  


      CLICK HERE for instructions on how to register for webinar training  events.  


Leadership Class V

Leadership Class V was a huge success!! CLICK HERE to see the roster, pictures and more!

COVID-19 Update

We understand COVID-19 is a major concern for our membership. We hope these resources will help you.

Continuous updates are available from the Florida League of Cities and the National Government Finance Officers Association.

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FGFOA mainly uses email to communicate with its members. We like to keep you in-the-loop about all of our activities. If you’re not receiving our messages, that’s likely because your email address’s settings are not “friendly” to receiving messages from us. Click here for more information.




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