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        CLICK HERE to view the full FGFOA E-Bulletin - A message from President Jonathan McKinney - Hurricane Ian Resources

Screenshot 2022-09-30 154304

As our members begin to assess the damages to their communities, many of our members have been asking how they can help. The FGFOA, along with the Florida League of Cities (FLC), Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers (FCCC), and other statewide associations will be sending out updates as they become available. Finance professionals will play an important part in the recovery and tracking of data as clean-up begins. Debris monitoring services are just one of many areas where finance professionals will have dramatic influence on reimbursements and recovery.

To connect members who have specific information needs, FGFOA has set up a new list serve for Hurricane Ian discussions. If you need assistance, please join and post your question. If you have been thru a storm in the past and can offer assistance to fellow members who need help, please join the list serve to offer advice.

CLICK HERE to see list serve instructions and links.

      CLICK HERE to see the full e-bulletin
      CLICK HERE to see all e-bulletins

        CLICK HERE to view the FGFOA E-Bulletin - A message from President Jonathan McKinney - School of Governmental Finance

Screenshot 2022-09-30 154304

The 2022 School of Governmental Finance (SOGF) was scheduled to begin on October 15, 2022 at the Luminary hotel in downtown Ft. Myers. While the hotel and convention center did not suffer any damage from the storm, a testament to current building codes, we will need to cancel the 2022 SOGF. As one of the only hotels in the area that did not suffer damage, we were informed late this morning that FEMA has commandeered the hotel to use as its headquarters to support the recovery efforts in Southwest Florida. While we are very disappointed that the school will not take place as planned, your committee and Board of Directors has been hard at work preparing alternatives. While not ideal, the FGFOA will hold a “Virtual” school in early November. Details on the courses offered and registration will be coming out in the next few days.

If you have registered for the SOGF, your registration and hotel room will automatically be canceled, and a full refund of your registration fee will be processed in the next 30 - 45 days. If you have a hotel reservation at one of the overflow hotels, you will be responsible for canceling your room as the FGFOA does not have control over those rooms.

       Please look for additional information on the revised 2022 SOGF on our website,

      Jonathan McKinney

     Jonathan McKinney
     FGFOA President
     Director of Finance, City of Port Orange

      CLICK HERE to view the FGFOA E-Bulletin - A message from President Jonathan McKinney - Comments From Our President on Hurricane Ian

Screenshot 2022-09-30 154303Our hearts go out to all of our members affected by the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Ian. This is such an unimaginable tragedy that our state is facing. We are concerned for your wellbeing of all our members across the state. FGFOA will be putting out information in the coming weeks about recovery efforts as well as information from both State and Federal agencies.

We know our members are resilient; We have a long recovery ahead but know that you are not alone. We are assessing the impact of this storm and it’s affects on the upcoming School of Governmental Finance which was set to begin October 15th in Fort Myers.

Please watch for future e-bulletins with updates. Or, you can check the dedicated School of Governmental Finance page of our website.

I understand communication may be limited for many of our members at this time and we will provide additional information as it becomes available.

      Jonathan McKinney

      Jonathan McKinney
      FGFOA President
      Director of Finance, City of Port Orange

School of Governmental Finance Committee     

    School of Governmental Finance begins October 17th in Fort Myers at the Luminary Hotel!

               CLICK HERE to view the full announcement
               CLICK HERE to view the SOGF page of our website with more information. 


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We understand COVID-19 is a major concern for our membership. We hope these resources will help you.

Continuous updates are available from the Florida League of Cities and the National Government Finance Officers Association.

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