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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Does serving on a committee require me to travel?
No, most committee meetings are held via conference calls and e-mail correspondence. Committees have one face-to face meeting, which is held at the Annual Conference, however, attendance at this meeting is not mandatory.

2.  If I join a committee, what is my time commitment?

There is no set amount of time required for participating on a committee and many factors (such as which committee you join, how many members are on the committee, what roles/assignments you volunteer for, etc.) will de
termine your actual time commitment. While there is no minimum time requirement, if you join a committee, it is expected that you will volunteer for at least one task. The old adage, “many hands make small work” comes into play so if one committee is short members or if a member joins the committee “in name only” someone else would have to pick up the slack.


3.  How can I find out more information about a specific committee and what its responsibilities are?
Information on each of the committees is located on each committee webpage, you can learn more about the individual committees, including the name and contact information for the current chair, obtain a list of members, and review the procedures manual. Information on committee activities is also available from the committee reports section in the online newsletter.


4.  What level of experience or qualifications do I need to serve on a committee?
The FGFOA committees are varied and there is an opportunity for everyone to make a valuable contribution - whether you are new to governmental finance or a seasoned finance officer. The Certification Committee, which administers the Certified Government Finance Officers (CGFO) Program, is the only committee that requires its members to be CGFOs.


5.  What are the benefits of serving on a committee?
Committee members are an integral part of the development of ideas that address the collective concerns of FGFOA’s members. Serving on a committee is your opportunity to make a difference and provides a means to demonstrate and strengthen your leadership capabilities. Committee membership is a networking opportunity that enables volunteers to expand their knowledge, to learn from others, to be mentored or be a mentor, and helps establish lifelong friendships.


6.  Are committee members recognized for their contributions?
Yes, members are recognized for their valuable contributions through a thank you letter from the FGFOA President to their supervisors. Letters are only sent with the members consent.

7.  How do I sign up to serve on a committee?
An online application can be found at the top of this page.

If you need additional assistance, please contact FGFOA staff at (850) 701-3626.