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NOTICE: This page of our website has recently gone through an update and we are not able to post new jobs. We apologize for any inconvenience and will make this option available again as soon as possible. 

Job postings are a free service to all FGFOA members. To become a member, please complete a New Membership Application. If you have any issues, contact FGFOA staff at 850-701-3626.

Posts may take up to two business days from the time of submission to appear on the page. Please do not submit positions multiple times.

Please fill out all fields completely before hitting “Submit Form.” If the salary is dependent on experience or qualifications, list the base salary in the Min. Salary Range field and enter “DOQ” or “DOE” in the Max. Salary Range field.

Positions are displayed in descending order by date of submission and will remain active for 90 days. If there is no closing date, please list the date 90 days from the time of submission. You may resubmit the position again if it is not filled within that period.

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