CGFO Policies & Procedures

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Active CGFO – is defined as a CGFO who is an active, retiree or associate member of the FGFOA, and is current with dues and other reporting requirements.

Suspended CGFO – is defined as a CGFO who is not current with their FGFOA membership dues or is out of compliance with their CPE reporting requirements, or has not successfully passed the Ethics exam, or completed the Florida Commission on Ethic’s online training course titled “Florida’s Code of Ethics, Sunshine Law, and Public Records Acts”, or any other Board approved equivalent training course within the six-month grace period. While on suspended status, the CGFO designation cannot be used. 

Retired CGFO – is defined as a CGFO who is currently bona fide retired. Retired CGFOs must denote their designation as “CGFO/Retired”.